超級可愛的限定版的娃娃,CUSTOM HOUSE在6月7日的更新中的新款Emeriel.好喜歡啊 (≧∀≦)
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In the living room, full of warm sun and between sleepy blinks...
mommy stopped making dough for chocolate cookie for afternoon snack,
daddy stopped trying to make little cry baby brother feel better.
Everyone decided to take a little nap
under this beautiful afternoon's faint lullaby.

The sun has started going down while she looked for
her best friend Ruciel's stuffed bunny doll.
Emeriel ran with her little feet, trying to catch the last ray of sun.

As she walked into her living room,
sun hid behind the little hill.

"Bye. See you."

Emeriel waves her little hand to hiding sun.
Sun waves back to her with beautiful sunset
and it soon fills the living room with sweet colors afternoon tea.

Of course, the sun's morning greeting that twinkles like tiny crystals are glorious
but Emeriel likes the a bit sad good bye of sun a little more.

The sweet smell of cookies in the oven that mom hurried to bake,
a smell of baby's milk that fills the house as always,
the most comforting smell from daddy when he stretches after sleep.

After everyone sleeps,
sweet scents of happy family follows a little break of silence

Mommy, daddy, little baby and always adorable Emeriel.
Emeriel's house is always
filled with sweet scents like a left over piece of sun's smile;
That's why Emeriel waves her little hands to the sun
who has gone over the hill to home.

She finds a precious happiness from every small things,
and that makes her smile more adorable than anyone's.
Custom House proudly presents
artist Uyoochagongbang's
new Petite Ai Emeriel.
超級喜歡的Emeriel (≧∀≦)


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